At Padel School Barcelona we are specialists in padel. With our specific training method, thanks to our long experience in teaching padel. In our padel school we train all types of padel players, according to their objectives. All the padel courses we offer are presencial, where we work on both technique and physical condition, and are taught by the best professionals. Because we are here to help you meet your goals.

Our padel training programs are based on a specific training methodology, where you will learn technical and strategic aspects of the game. Because we want you to discover the secrets of this sport. We also want to teach you how to execute the main strokes of the padel, such as the layup smash, the wall drop, the serve… We will also work on court positioning, defense and attack.


At Padel School Barcelona we have a great professional team made up of qualified spanish padel trainers and coaches. All of them sharing a common goal, transmitting to each player their passion for padel.


Help people who need it, learn to play padel and improve their technique through our padel classes. Making them enjoy the experience.

Do you want to evolve as a padel player? Book your lesson now and start learning padel.